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Case Study 1:

Arrimar was asked to offer support during the handover period from 1st to 2nd generation of a Family owned company.

A historically successful manufacturing company now challenged by increasingly competitive and dwindling market. The company was in need of a more proactive and dynamic culture to drive continuous improvement and lift morale across the organisation.


1. Working alongside the 1st and 2nd generation of the family to re-define strategic direction and operational tactics and undertake gap analysis of value and management style to plan pathway to make new strategy succeed.

2. Management Team Development, focussing on improving the effectiveness of communication between departments (systems and interpersonal), customer focus, accountability and an empowering approach to upholding standards.

3. Project with shop-floor production team to introduce best practice layout and identify opportunities for process improvement. Ensured increased levels of ownership and personal responsibility throughout all phases of the projec


  • Re-focused and practical strategy implemented
  • Successful mediation of differences between family management team
  • More confident, focused and resourceful leadership – leader identified from 2nd generation
  • More pro-active and responsible management style developed and sustained
  • Much increased efficiency and motivation of shop-floor project team
  • Improved morale and sense of being valued and listened to amongst workforce
  • Company wide increased confidence in the capabilities of the 2nd generation Management Team