The saying that ‘it’s lonely at the top’ may be old but often rings true for many Managing Directors, Chief Executive Officers, Directors and Senior Managers. The reality is that leading any organisation in the 21st century is always going to be challenging and will, at times, stretch even the most skilled and dedicated individual to their limits. An executive coach can provide an objective, balanced and impartial view point, a listening ear and challenge your perspective in a way which broadens your understanding. Arrimar’s Executive Coaches are entirely focussed on helping you to deliver at your optimum level without any personal agenda’s hidden or otherwise, getting in the way.

Arrimar’s Executive Coaches excel at:

  • Quickly developing effective and trusting relationships which means we add value very quickly
  • Helping you to take the tough decisions and act upon them appropriately – a key characteristic of effective business leaders
  • Giving you high quality, dedicated time for you to focus on the big issues
  • Helping you to create and explore innovative solutions
  • Being a sounding board to help you think through ideas in a safe environment
  • Keeping you focussed on the practical actions you can take to successfully address the issues at hand ensuring that tangible value is added from day one
  • Asking powerful and probing questions to give you a greater understanding of why you think as you do and how this impacts on your approach
  • Assisting you to understand the way you impact on the organisation and the people in it, so that where appropriate you can adapt your approach appropriately
  • Helping you to develop your ability to build positive relationships and influence others so that together you achieve more
  • Challenging you appropriately to further stimulate your creativity
  • Helping you to achieve your company and personal goals with all that may mean to your personal and organisational success
  • Facilitating change for individuals and organisations to help you to keep ahead of the competition.
  • The success of the Arrimar approach is achieved using a skilful blend of bespoke ideas, models, practical exercises and proven frameworks, creating a dynamic process which uniquely addresses your specific needs.