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  • Make sure you put round pegs in round holes
  • Find the most effective way to manage & communicate with individuals
  • Ensure the team is balanced and set up to succeed
  • Learn more about your people and what motivates them
  • Identify & deal with sources of team friction at root cause for once & for all
  • Improve quality of communication & mutual understanding all round
  • A great opportunity for both personal & professional development
  • An ideal way to build the team or kick start cultural change

Our highly experienced profiling staff can help you to choose the right profiling tools for your needs. They can also provide exceptionally skilled face to face feedback, helping you to understand in depth exactly what a report may mean in the context of your organisation.

We are accredited to administer and use:


  • Margerison McCann Team Management Profile
  • Margerison McCann Team Performance Profile
  • Margerison McCann Linking Skills Profile
  • McCann Opportunity Orientation Profile

Each profile is software generated using a rigorously validated questionnaire. A product of extensive and ongoing research, the profiles can conveniently be completed on-line at a time to suit you. The resulting substantial reports offer unique insights into individual and team potential.

DISCUS profile

A very useful tool which we have used extensively to support successful recruitment and personal development, DISCUS can also be completed conveniently on-line.

DISCUS offers value for money insights into motivation and therefore behaviour to help you to ‘recruit for attitude’ as well as aptitude.

We can provide you with feedback in conjunction with the highly informative report to help you to A. recruit the right person and B. know how best to manage them so they add value quicker with reduced management soak time.

Make the most of your investment. We run follow up 1 day team building events in-house, where improved mutual understanding and communication helps build better working relationships – and it’s fun too!